Filter Bags


Filter Bags

We help customers in the cement, minerals, power and metals industries control air pollution and emissions. How? By providing long-lasting industrial filter bags. Your baghouse will collect dust efficiently when using our baghouse filter bags that meet environmental regulation standards.

Filter bags can be manufactured from the most available felt or woven filter media. A pulse-jet baghouse is the most versatile type of baghouse because it can use filter bags with a variety of media and finishes.

Filter bags are useful for the following industries:

Vision baghouse filter bags come in various filter media and finishes. Each fiber type has unique advantages and disadvantages. For example, if your needs are high maximum temperature and acid resistance, fiberglass would the right choice. If your temperature requirements are low and you value flex resistance, cotton would be a better option.

There are many considerations that go into choosing filter media:
•  Application
•  Process conditions
•  Gas temperature
•  Dew point
•  Dust loading
•  Particle size
•  Abrasiveness
•  Potential for a process upset
•  Expected life

Vision’s bag filter experts will work with you to provide you with the type of bag filter you need.

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